CISSP Certification in Dubai: A Credential Worth Earning

American companies and the US government are highly concerned and have been ringing the alarm bell for the past few years. It is a fact that qualified and skillful professionals related to information security are lacking in the USA. Well,Guest Posting the numbers are different from source to source but it is true that North America has a shortage of nearly 500,000 security professionals, according to cybersecurity ventures.

Approximately 10,000 job openings requiring a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) are available almost every day in the United States. This clearly demonstrates the need for qualified information security professionals, particularly CISSP, which is good news for potential CISSP candidates. A CISSP is a senior employee or consultant that usually has a designation like security analyst, security manager, chief information security manager and so on. This individual has worked for at least five years and has in-depth understanding about threats present in IT, which consists of evolving and higher-level threats, and attack surface mitigation controls and technologies. CISSP also develops strategies that act as a working norm for appropriate controls and may manage or control risk and security in software development. To become a CISSP you need: Gain security work experience: You must be able to demonstrate five years of full-time work experiences in eight CISSP CBK (Common Body of Knowledge) domains which includes communications and network security, security engineering, security and risk management, asset security, security operations, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, software development security and security operations. It is significantly crucial to have on-the-job experience at the time of certification procedures and exams. Prepare and Pass the CISSP Exam: To finish the CISSP exam you have to score 700 out of 1000 in minimum. The duration of the exam is six hours and consists of MCQs and a higher level of innovative questions. The CISSP official website has all the details related to the exam and also has a study guide, mock tests and so on. Well, to prepare for the examination you will need proper strategy and planning and Vinsys is a leading institution offering CISSP Certification training in Dubai and across the globe. Get Approved as CISSP: After completing the CISSP exam, you must acknowledge the Code of Conduct (ISC) 2 and complete the consent form to become CISSP. You have to sign the acknowledgement form from another Certified Professional (ISC) 2 who can certify your work experience. You have to submit the form in nine months of time after passing the exam so that you can be fully certified, as just passing the exam cannot enable your status of certification. Once fully certified, you must manage your certifications by recertifying every three years. Other certifications that can help you achieve CISSP: If you believe that the CISSP pathway is correct for you but lack relevant experience in work, you can become an (ISC)2 associate. This credential is a game changer for candidates who are aiming to pursue this career. It enables you to leverage the merits of opportunities in education, peer and forums offered by (ISC)2. You can also earn the beginner level credential like Network+, Security+ and A+ offered by CompTIA, which is also a great approach. You can get hands-on experience by applying for the security-based profile through these beginner level credentials in the information technology segment. Well, if you are a part of IT security for two years, you should consider becoming an ISC 2 Systems Security Certified Professional (SSCP). Although not a formal premise, the SSCP is considered to be a kind of predecessor to the CISSP, which covers many of the same subject areas. Once you can earn the SSCP you can head towards the role based on security which is crucial for CISSP work experience. The reasons that prove the value of this certificate are: Accepted all over the world: CISSP credentials are accepted worldwide. Most of the wealth companies recognize credential importance and seek CISSP certified ones. Cybersecurity Competency Standards: According to the ISC 2 report, more than 140,000 professionals in more than 160 countries have achieved CISSP certification. You can feel with these digits’ how famous this credential is. Long term job opportunities: Because of the extensive and increasing rate of cybercrime, companies are always at risk of cyber-attacks. This opens the chances of long-term employment chances for information security professionals. Because CISSP has accreditation that is recognized across the globe, holders of this certificate are always the top choice for the job. These professionals claim higher stability in job as well as satisfaction. Working with the latest technology: CISSP professionals learn to deal with evolving threats in cyber-space stemming from utilizing advanced trends as well as technologies based on big data, cloud, and so on. Good pay-outs: Those who have CISSP credentials get handsome pay-outs in the domain of information security. They earn 25% higher in comparison to those who are non-certified. Also, the rate of raises is much higher than in other domains of the IT industry. According to the TechRepublic Survey, CISSP is ranked 4th in the 15 highest paying jobs. Search out the role to aim on, then find what you need to climb the ladder to your dream job. This includes gaining mastery, earning relevant certifications, honing advanced skills, and accepting the complications in the workplace to demonstrate your skills in front of management. Career prospects for CISSP professionals: Below are the options in career’ professionals will get: 1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): The Chief Information Security Officer also known as CISO is an executive of Level-C who takes care of the organization’s information security. CISO has the responsibility to develop and execute a program for security of information, that consists of frameworks and procedures to firewall systems, assets, and communications in organization from threats presented internally and externally. CISO should have extensive experience in the information technology domain along with skills based on communication and leadership along with the understanding in the information security domain. 2. Information Assurance Analyst: Information assurance analyst monitors and guides professionals related to the technology to identify and recover system threats and coordinate with IT to provide appropriate protocols as well as norms to find out the system defects and prevent it from further threats. 3. IT Security Engineer: IT security engineer plans, implements and oversees information security solutions to prevent breaches, eavesdropping and leaks to avoid cyber-crime. 4. Senior IT Security Consultant: Senior IT security consultants are experts of IT who have expertise in processes of security set-up and network system to firewall data of organization. Their role is to conduct internal research and analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing IT security systems, and give solutions to problem areas and provide latest tools as well as strategies to improve data security. 5. Chief Information Security Consultant: Chief Information Security Advisor is an information security professional dedicated to the privacy, morals and availability of data and network equipment. 6. Senior Information Security Advisors: Senior Information Security Advisors are trained professional advisors who help organizations to ensure data security. They utilize numerous solutions to test information systems susceptibility. Assessing information security, ensuring the implementation of information security programs, working with companies to strengthen security policies, and providing assistance on security management systems are the primary responsibilities of a senior information security consultant. 7. Cyber-Security Professional: Cyber security experts protect digital data from being hacked. They ensure the security of data, edge devices and networks related to their organizational IT infrastructure. Their primary role is to safeguard data from being hacked and to analyze and counter cyber-attacks. 8. Security Operations Center Manager: The Security Operations Center Manager ensures the safety and security of the organization by adhering to protocols on company safety standards and facilities, operational equipment and tools efficiency and workflow process conditions. 9. Information Security Assurance Analyst: Information Security Assurance Analyst assists in security prevention measures, sets security protocols, improves vigilance awareness along with the training, and assists in incident response strategy. They will implement security policies and programs, development assistance and related technical measures, and conduct practical security-related systems operations. 10. Cybersecurity Manager: Cybersecurity manager oversees the channels from which data comes-in and goes-out of the companies’ network. It is their responsibility to analyze operations related to the network and administer operational infrastructure. CISSP Certification is a credential which is worth earning. It opens the door of opportunities for the professionals in the IT and cybersecurity domain. Being a leading training institution, Vinsysoffers CISSP Certification in Dubai and across the globe and assists IT professionals to learn and earn cybersecurity credentials. Start your training that is tailored to your plan and style’ to achieve your certification so that you can ta

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Kick the burglars out of your home and gardens

Crime against property is increasing day by day ruining many home owners dreams of building their sweet homes and gardens. We at For your Home an opportunity to guide you, a home owner in providing some information about securing your home

Few homeowners really bother about security until something happens to their house or a neighbour. It’s our “don’t fix it if ain’t broken” attitude that gives the burglar’s an upper hand. However there are many simple basic things we can know to make our home safer and give a fighting face.

Assess your home security need

Planning and design a full proof security system starts with assessing your security needs. The first basic thing to start with is a survey of the home premise,Guest Posting both inside and outside including physical home objects and their position within the premises. Risk factors and loss potential are scrutinized as these greatly influence how far we would like to secure our homes and gardens keeping in mind the budget. More the risk and valuable the objects, greater planning and security considerations are to be made for particular part of the property.

Types of Home Security

Next comes considering four golden types on which any security system planning is considered;

Time or barrier security: TIME is a biggest enemy of any burglar. The more time it takes to break into a home, the more discouraged a burglar will become. This makes time or barrier security the simplest and must have security type for any home. Simple home security devices such as locks on doors (here deadbolts are worth looking), window bars, security gates, security film, security grilles that are visible from the exterior of the house will not only act as a deterrent but slow down an intruder should they decide to try to enter. For example, security bars are very useful for protecting basement windows as they provide visual deterrence as well as providing barrier security. However we have to understand here that locks and other barrier security serve primarily to prevent entry by the amateur and to slow or deter the professional burglars

Lighting security: Lights are sweet curse for any burglars since good security lighting is one of the greatest deterrents to crime. Many burglars prefer the cover of darkness and by keeping your property well lit at night, you take away their opportunity to strike. When using light as a type of security, make sure darker areas like back doors and windows, shrubbery, walkways and entrances to your garage and basement are well illuminated. Nowadays motion detection lighting which lights on sensing any motion are best since they save on energy and provide on demand security lighting needs. For more information on how lights can provide a mean to secure your homes and gardens, please read our Outdoor Lights comes to secure our Homes and Gardens article,

Sound security: SOUND ORNOISE is also the enemy of the burglar. One can get huge range of home security alarms activated by doors or windows opening or by motion. If you are pet lovers then a dog is one of the trusted and lovely sound security one can get. Not because it’s vicious, it need not even be seen, but it has to be heard. Nowadays people can even get a recorded dog bark and will scare most burglars away.

Surveillance security: BIG BROTHER is watching you. No body likes being watched and not when one is illegally entering a property. Surveillance security like, Close circuit camera TV (CCTV) are the latest techno way of securing our homes and gardens. However we have to understand here is that most of the security systems just helps us to identify the culprit if no body is home and the crime has taken place There are also alarm guarded security cameras whereas some cameras can be linked to internet for you to watch from where ever you are present or to a security company that will send help immediately. To find the right Surveillance security system, you can read our Quick Guide in Selecting the right CCTV Security System article,

Last but not the least

Almost all police stations have alocal crime reduction officer who will happily give you advice over the phone or may visit your home if they think it is necessary.

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to secure your home at the property line is to turn on senses of your neighborhood. Community policing programs, like ‘come and be one’, have shown great success in reducing property crime around the world.

As risk and value of the objects inside the property increases the security system should be layered so that thieves are forced to spend valuable time after entering the premises but before penetrating the barrier security to get to the reward.

Avoid regular routines that make it obvious you are away from home at specific times of the day or night. This may be bit inconvenient, but try to be flexible in your routines of departure and arrival when possible

Whenever you are on vacations, check all the security systems/items are functioning and also arrange for neighbor to watch house. Plus have your mail and newspaper delivery stopped and arrange to have your yard maintained which will help to keep your home a live in like look.

Planning and designing an effective security system is as much as an art then logic, but more than anything else involves common sense and while there is temptation to rely on high technology, try to keep it simple. The best security system gives equal importance to all the four type of security with the barrier one being the leading one and then backed by other three types wherever needed

Part of the fun of owning a home is experimenting with keeping your home a safe and better place to live in this unpredictable unsafe world. While you’re making your home as attractive as you can to your friends and neighbors, you can make it equally unattractive to intruders. We at For your home hope these information and suggestions on how to secure your hom

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